Bruce Kee – Professional Profile

I live in a beautiful, fairly remote area of the UP on the Escanaba River. I thoroughly enjoy nature and being outdoors as much as possible! I have been a runner since age 14 and have continued to this day. Although I have slowed down a bit with age running has always been my meditation and way to focus yet relax. I have been a client of massage therapy for many years. Massage has been extremely beneficial to me and my health. Within the last several years my career and life goals have changed and I decided to pursue something more meaningful to me as a way of life. After being a business executive and experiencing that I felt it time to move on and join my sister Kim at Essential Kneads. Seeing people changed after a session is very powerful. This gives my work true meaning. I am a graduate of The Marquette School of Therapeutic Massage have taken and passed the national therapeutic massage exam and have completed CranioSacral Therapy I and II through the Upledger Institute. My college background is Wellness, Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point and University of Montana, Missoula. I hope to see you for a session very soon!


Some Testimonials from our customers

Jenny W

Bruce kee is a true professional, yet warm and welcoming. This is his true calling. When you first enter his massage room you are greeted with soft lights, relaxing music and cozy blankets on his table...snuggle in, this is going to be good. One of the things I like best is when bruce starts with traditional massage and ends the session with crano, so relaxing. I highly recommend bruce. He is amazing, priced more than reasonable, so it is no problem to take care of yourself on a regular basis. Thanks for all you do bruce, healing us from the inside and out!


Kathy L

I went to Essential Kneads at the urging of a friend who was (understandably) weary of hearing me complain about sciatica issues (3 years of whining). I had some relief from chiropractic treatments and regular walking but nothing that lasted very long so I was skeptical. After my first treatment with Bruce, I called my friend and begged her to drive me home - I felt like jello. She laughed, but as a true friend, didn't say "I told you so!" Bruce is awesome. Relaxing and comforting, he puts you at ease immediately. He's become a friend and I would highly, confidently recommend him to anyone. I'm not completely pain free yet, but there is definite relief from the constant pain I was in and the bad days are much further apart. Appointments with him are a part of a healthier lifestyle for me.


Breanna C

I am a young woman who has had a few "bad experiences" with massage before, which can make it uncomfortable and scary to try somebody new ever again. But, I am so thankful that I was open and willing to try massage and craniosacral with Bruce. He is not only very professional, but he takes the time to listen to me and focus on working with all the pains my body seems to have. Bruce also has an instinctive sense of where the pains are located and knowing what my body needs. He is my secret weapon for "me" time. I can honestly say I leave as a better, happier, more relaxed and pain free woman!