An article about Health by Kim Kee

As we learn and understand more and more about this fascinating and dynamic life on Planet Earth, we are beginning to realize the power of the thoughts we think and the words we speak. The advent of scientific study in quantum physics teaches us that all thoughts and words are frequencies of vibration or energy that leave our mind to create reality, sixty thousand thoughts a day. Twenty years ago when many of us started studying these principles, information about this was scarce. Now, the best selling book in America is “The Secret” which teaches us how we can apply quantum concepts to our daily life and change our reality for the better by doing so. The book can be found at Target and Wal-Mart! This is a very good sign.

It is a VAST UNIVERSE we live in. We only comprehend a tiny bit about the inner and outer workings of the Universe, with our conscious minds, yet we have the power to influence it with our thoughts and words every minute of every day through choice. THAT fellow readers, is a big deal AND a big responsibility, if you think about it deeply enough.

So, as a Health Care practitioner in massage and CranioSacral therapy who interacts daily with clients, I am acutely aware of how my own beliefs, thoughts and words can influence the person I see and the session we have together. Bodywork is a dance that has the potential to be deeply healing, profoundly powerful, uplifting, hopeful and loving for both the client/patient and for the practitioner. We have the ability to resolve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges we face. It is very humbling, intimate and sacred to interact with another person in this capacity. The way a session is presented, words used and situations handled by me, sets the tone for what can occur.

I recall about ten years ago when a client entered my office for a massage session and said, “I had a massage five years ago and my therapist told me my neck was extremely tight. Do you think it is still tight?” I was struck by her question and was sad for my client. For five years she thought about this. What did that do to her neck and its release of tension? Did that comment help her release it? No. Since then I have heard numerous words used that did not make clients feel uplifted and hopeful after a bodywork session. This has disturbed me since I know we have a responsibility to relay information in a gentle and empowering way without making a client feel bad about his or her body or about his or her self, in any way.

I believe the main reason we choose our profession in complimentary health care is because we care so deeply about humanity and we also need healing ourselves. We want to affect others lives and our own life in positive ways. Intention is everything. If my intention is to keep my own ego in check, do the best I can do with various techniques and training I have learned, think and speak from my heart, without attaching my own agenda to the person’s healing or to the session, I have been successful. I have been clear and open and compassionate. This is the highest intention and attention I can hold. Being sensitive to the fact all change and growth comes from within, no one else really has the answers for us, information – yes, answers – no, suggestions – yes, demands – no. We are all responsible for our own selves. This can be a complex dynamic when clients are looking to us for education and answers. Yet, we know, as health care practitioners that personal empowerment, confidence in the client’s own inner physician and in their magnificent body’s healing mechanism is the true answer. Don’t we?

To see a person as whole and healed instead of broken and weak seems to me, where I want to direct my intention and attention in a session for myself and for my client. Everywhere we look, from TV to the radio to the newspaper to health articles to billboards on the street, inform us about sickness. Focus on this gives us the message that we are not ok. We are toxic and so is our Planet, we need help and fixed and changed. We need to do better with food and exercise and de-stressing. We are never enough, we are flawed. The list goes on and on – you get the point. It is good to pay attention to our levels of stress and eating healthy and taking care of ourselves. Of course, we know that by now whether we choose it or not. But if our intention is to do these things out of fear then we perpetuate the negative focus and according to quantum physics, it expands. Our focus has been on what is wrong with everything rather than what is right. This negative slant causes more negativity to occur. A war on war, a war on drugs, on crime negativity in our politics, on and on…. It is a downward spiral.

Instead of that intention and attention, what if we saw, discussed, thought of things as positive, whole, healthy, good and right? What if we believed our own bodies in this way? How would the body heal and change if we did? Very powerful healers through the ages have done that very thing.

So, it is my wish that Heath Care Practitioners step to a new level of consciousness in regard to our thoughts, words and intentions. Let us see wholeness, talk about hope, educate sensitively, suggest without ego. Let’s change ourselves and our world through joy, love and hope. That is a new map, a new way, a different direction and one worth exploring.